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We’re raising money for Macmillan and the Christie cancer hospital


Whilst each of us might have our individual reasons for undertaking this challenge, the common aim is to raise money and awareness for two worthy causes both of which helped me personally through a difficult period a few years ago. The first is the Macmillan Cancer Support – a remarkable organisation who are there to offer a helping hand when you’re at a particularly low ebb. The second is the Christie Oesophagogastric Research Fund, which is the specific fund hosted by the Christie NHS Foundation Trust charity, which is the specialist cancer research centre based in Manchester and covering the North West.

London postcard Big Ben

We’re cycling from

London to Paris

Paris postcard Eiffel Tower

We will start at the iconic Elizabeth Tower of “Big Ben” in Westminster and ride to the southern port of Newhaven from where we will catch the ferry to Dieppe on the north Normandy coast of France and then continue riding to finish at the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the River Seine in Paris.

In 24 Hours

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There are loads of statistics out there (Macmillan – facts and figures) but the bottom line is that we thought we’d put something back and cycling to Paris from London seemed like a good idea at the time. But here’s David’s thoughts…

So David had stomach cancer, had most of his gut removed and still cycles like a loon. Macmillan and the Christie were just brilliant, and so some of us said “well, if you want to organise something we’ll do that”, thinking that he wouldn’t, but like the “#$??*y!” engineer he is, he did. So we said, “make the oncologist do it” obviously thinking that he wouldn’t, but he said “yes”, I mean he does triathlons and everything. At least we have a medical team – well nearly…heart specialist anywhere? Pharmacologist? (Or should that be Therapeutic Use Exemption expert?)

We all have friends and family and one of us has had cancer…

Bradley Wiggins winning TdeF

Photo by William Morice

Cycling Quiz No 1

Who came second to Sir Bradley in the 2012 Tour de France?

Chris Froome

Answer One

You Got It

Yes, yes, yes. He went on to win in ’13, ’15 and ’16. But he should arrive in Paris after us in 2017!

Peter Sagan

Answer Two

Naw, Numpty

He won the points classification but came 42 in the general classification

Thomas Voeckler

Answer Three

Rubbish. That must have been a guess

Covered in red spots- Voeckler was King of the Mountains


Ah who are we? We are a team of mixed ability cyclists for whom this ride will be a challenge at a variety of levels but we all have the common aim of standing as a group below the Eiffel Tower in Paris less than 24 hours after leaving Big Ben in London. We range from former world record holders to novices whose riding skills and fitness are developing and are suspect. The key is for the whole Team to complete the route within the time limit.

More to follow:

The Hare: David – 100 mile record in 3 hrs 26mins. (He was much, much younger then and just a little strange)

The Tortoise: Howard – still the oldest and still never cycled 100 mile in one go – why would you? what are cars for? or public transport? FGS!

We have lots of friends helping

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If you’d like to help

We’ve set up a Virgin Money Giving page so just hit the button

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The target date is the Spring Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May 2017. We will aim to set off late afternoon on the Saturday 27th May, ride to catch the overnight ferry and then reach Paris before the 24 hours elapses

Did we really agree May Bank Holiday? Not the one in August? And are you absolutely sure it was 2017?

Hours away, many millions of seconds

Days to go


By pedal power…

planes, trains and automobiles – anybody?




If you’d like to support us

We’ve set up a Virgin Money Giving page so just hit the button

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and here’s the latest stories

News and Views

Chris Hoy World Champion cyclist

Photo by Velo Steve

Cycling Quiz No 2

How many world championships has Chris Hoy won?


Answer One

You're being insulting

Come on, don’t insult the man – it’s more than that!


Answer Two

That was a guess

If you’re guessing then you’re wrong


Answer Three

11 - that's it 11. Ye Gods

Think of the hours on a training bike. Must have a bum as hard as…

the Charities

Support Now

The Christie Oesophagogastric Research Fund

About the Oesophagogastric Research Fund
Outcomes for oesophagogastric cancers remain poor and it is recognised that chronic underfunding of research has been a major contributory factor into this lack of progress.

The Christie Oesophagogatric Research Fund was set up in 2008 to help address this issue. As a direct consequence of this fund, there have already been significant successes which have improved our understanding of this cancer.

The money raised by the fund is used for two research themes:

1. Research into predictive biomarkers of response to therapy: this divided into two research strategies investigating a. Genetic predictive biomarkers of outcome b. Immune predictive biomarkers of outcome.
2. Research into Nutritional Status of patients with Oesophagogastric cancers: problems with nutritional status is a major problem in this cancer which is very poorly understood and researched. We have a team of researchers dedicated to improving the knowledge into this important collection of symptoms.

About the Christie
The Christie is one of Europe’s largest single-site cancer centres, treating more than 44,000 patients a year. The hospital in Withington, south Manchester, is home to some of the largest radiotherapy and chemotherapy departments in the world and provides a mobile chemotherapy unit for treatment closer to home.

The Christie charity raises money for a range of projects and initiatives focusing on 4 main areas, research, care and treatment, education and extra patient services. All of which are above and beyond what the NHS provide enabling us to give our patients the best care and treatment possible. Read More

Macmillan Cancer Support

We want to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same.

There are 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK today, and as more people live longer with their cancer, this number is set to grow to 4 million by 2030. We want to make sure we can provide support to everyone who needs it, to help people affected by cancer feel more in control of their lives.

It’s a big task and we can’t do it alone. But there are lots of ways you can get involved and help us achieve our goal, from fundraising, to volunteering and campaigning. Together we are all Macmillan. Read More

Cycling Quiz No 3

How long was the first Tour de France?

2860 miles

Answer One

Wrong Unit

2860 in metres is the height of  Cime de Bonette, the TdeF’s highest point

1507 miles

Answer Two

That was a guess

but a good guess at that – it’s right, but remember they had to fix their own bikes and used wooden rims!

2186 miles

Answer Three

Wrong but a good effort

That was the distance of the 2016 Tour

Our Supporters

Here’s a list of people and organisations that are helping us.

Please check them out. They’re the good ones and we like them enormously and so should you.




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